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The TWDISA Business Directory developed by TWDI is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to find, rate and share information about local businesses in South Africa. Easily access information about South Africa businesses operating across diverse industry sectors such as Builders, Department Stores or Pubs. Give your opinion of the service you received from local businesses in your area so locals in your community can make smart choices about where they go for the services they need.

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Are you searching for local companies in a certain industry sector? If so, South Africa’s TWDISA Business Directory will be your new best friend. The South Africa Business Directory is an excellent resource for locals who want information about local businesses in their neighbourhood, area or city. South Africa users can make use of our search box at the top of the page in order to search by business name and see only the most relevant business listings. Alternatively, users can also search by industry category by selecting an appropriate icon from above the search box. We hope the South Africa Business Directory provides you with the information you’re looking for and becomes, if it isn’t already, your business directory of choice!

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Advertising your company in the TWDISA Business Directory is simple, easy and effective. Just click on the ’Add business’ button at the top of the page to get started. You will first need to register for your account before you can post a listing, don’t worry, this just takes a few minutes. A business listing on the TWDISA Business Directory gives your business an online presence, allowing South Africa users, as well as the rest of the internet-using population, to find your business. Post a business listing in South Africa’s TWDISA Business Directory now to increase your online visibility, get more leads and make more sales!

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